What we do

Solution architecture design

We fill the gap between business analysis and software developers if necessary. We analyse client's business requirements and prepare solution architecture design. We listen to the client's concerns and we do our best to solve them.


Development and Customization

We implement custom solutions based on architecture design. We use latest technology stack and we make sure that support will be easy and painless. We are using open source, which has a wide user community. It makes software support easier.

Specialty in Java Enterprise, SOA architecture, Process Development and Quality assurance

We do only what we know: Our consulting and development services are based on Java Enterprise and Service Oriented Architecture. We seriously take into account quality assurance and software security.


What we use

Java EE 6, Java EE 7 packet

Our primary technology pack covers Java Messaging (JMS 1.1, 2.0), Web Services (JAX-WS, JAX-RS 2.0), Enterprise Beans (EJB 3.1, 3.2), Persistence (JPA 2.0, 2.1). Other open source frameworks are used if required as well (Activiti, Camunda - for process development, Apache Shiro - for software security, etc).

Continuous integration

Apache Maven (build management) together with Jenkins (continuous integration) perform good work when automating application deployment and executing build quality check.


Jboss AS >= 7.1.3, Wildfly 8 is used for Java EE based solutions. Other possibilities may be used if necessary.

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